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 The FCC weighs breaking with Obama over the future of the Internet

Well, what the fuck did you expect when you nominated the “former lobbyist for the cable and telecommunications industry” as the FCC chairman?


| Posted by Wes at 2014-11-11 10:34:17 PM

 Google’s Chromebooks Rule Schools As IDC Pegs Them As Top Sellers In K-12

IDC’s new figures for tablets and laptop sales in K-12 education finds that Chromebooks as a category constitute the best-selling device across the entire category in 2014.

Google is taking over K-12 technology. What happened to iPad? Oh right, iPad is a $500 piece of glass and Chromebooks are affordable and virtually indestructible.

It’s worth pointing out that almost every student in K-12 today will be acclimated to the Google app ecosystem. This is huge for Google and is itself worth its weight in gold. No wonder they are practically giving away Chromebooks.

| Posted by Wes at 2014-11-11 7:40:30 PM

 Upgrading Github to Rails 3 with Zero Downtime

This is a simple but impressive solution.

tl;dr – Environment variables and measurable performance impacts are your friends.

| Posted by Wes at 2014-09-16 8:44:08 AM

 The Terminal

Great post from Craig Hockenberry about command line niceties with OS X.

| Posted by Wes at 2014-09-09 8:00:00 AM

 The Best VPN Solution for iOS and OS X: Cloak

If you want a consumer VPN solution that “just works” be sure to checkout Cloak. I’ve been using it for a few months and am pleased.

| Posted by Wes at 2014-08-26 8:21:53 AM